Tuesday, September 20, 2005



1. You want to see your pictures on Nakedbloggers? Alright. We're delighted to have you here. But we'll all know you're a voyeur and exhibitionist. So think hard about your reputation before submitting anything. Think about your mom!

2. We post through the week, each week being dedicated to one specific body part, starting every friday. We want to see everything that makes us human, and how we all have the same bodies. And yet celebrate our differences. It's all love.

3. Come to think about it, maybe we don't want to see 'everything' making us human. So please do not send pictures of your genitals thinking the website's creators will be delighted to admire it. Truth is, we will probably laugh at 'it' (whatever 'it' is) and forward it to friends along with your email adress. So no perverted pictures, please.

4. You need, I repeat, NEED to be 18 years old to send pictures to Nakedbloggers. Do not make me repeat it.

5. Nakedbloggers works with partial nudity. It means it's focused on body parts only. Do not send us a picture of your whole body with a photoshopped arrow explainning 'This is my neck!'. We probably guessed it beforehand.

6. While jewellery is accepted, please, no clothes or anything covering your beautiful skin. Nowhere. You know you want to.

7. You can send pictures all week long. It might take us a few days to post it up, but we will. If not, please email us.

8. Black and white pictures are also accepted.

9. You have to be a blogger to send us pics. Your blog address will be published underneath, so add your blog url to the email. If you want some words to be attached with your pictures (anectodes, specific story, etc) please add it to your email.

10. We are about bodies, their imperfections, their peculiarities, their mystery, their curves, their flatness, their shapes and lack of, their differences.
We're not into porn (well at least not with this project, m'kay!). So don't email us requesting 'more c*ck'. Chances are we will ignore you.

11. Any questions, requests, marriage proposals, love letters, hate mail? Email us.

Ian : ian_mackenz at hotmail dot com
Madeleine: madeleinesomerville at hotmail dot com
Jessica : sijeka at gmail dot com

Monday, September 19, 2005


Welcome to NakedBloggers- Where bloggers go to get naked!

First and foremost, there won’t be any T&A on this site. If you’re looking for porn you’re gonna need to keep on looking (feel free to email ian for suggestions..he has all the best sites bookmarked).

We at NakedBloggers have decided to celebrate the less sexualized parts of the body, the bits that haven’t yet been slathered in baby oil and used to sell Pepsi, cheeseburgers, cars and movies. We’re talking collarbones, toes, the small of the back, nape of the neck. We are encouraging you to share the parts of your body that have been as yet overlooked and underappreciated.

By breaking each of us down to our parts- naked no less- we absolve ourselves of our differences. We can’t see your designer labels or hand stitched seams, we can’t guess your occupation by the colour of your collar. We’re all inexplicably similar but incredibly diverse.

Each Friday we at NakedBloggers will post the name of a different body part, along with pictures of ours. And this darlings, this is where you come in. We need you to take a candid photograph of that same body part and send it in to be posted. Be as creative as you like, adorn your part however you choose, there is only one rule here – no clothing or fabric of any kind!

Why? Well all bloggers are exhibitionists of some sort. Perhaps not in the traditional sense of the word, but we all possess a deep seated craving to share ourselves with others, words, pictures, thoughts, experiences - and now, naked bits! The internet is the ultimate tool of the voyeur and bloggers are the ultimate exhibitionists, we thought it was about time the two came together. We have worked hard to make that happen in a unique and classy way here at NakedBloggers.

So join us, either by marveling over the intricacy of each individual’s parts or by sending us something of your own to marvel over. Enjoy!